Frequently asked questions:

How long does it last?

While still sealed Dapper Wolf will last around 5 weeks after it arrives at your doorstep. Once opened Dapper Wolf should be kept in the fridge and be consumed within 7 days.

How do I drink it? 

You can enjoy Dapper Wolf in many different ways. Some of the most popular are: 

  • Straight
  • With ice
  • With milk
  • Milk and sugar
  • If you're feeling cheeky, try mixing Dapper Wolf with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Where is the coffee from?

Our single origin Arabica coffee beans are ethically sourced from Columbia, roasted and brewed in Melbourne Australia to be finally shipped lovingly to your doorstep. 

How many drinks are in one bottle? 

In one 500ml bottle of Dapper Wolf there is approximately 10 serves. 

Can I really buy Dapper Wolf Cold Brew coffee with dogecoin!?

Yes! When you go to checkout be sure to select "CoinPayments" as your Payment method (after shipping details). From here you can select between multiple crypto currencies including DogeCoin. See you on the moon!